Friday, 26 August 2011

Plane of the Week: Sopwith Pup

A new feature for the blog - Plane of the Week! Each week we'll pick a plane and post some colour schemes that might pique your interest. To kick off we've picked the Sopwith Pup, recently released by Der Kampflieger in 1/144th. Suggestions for forthcoming Planes of the Week are welcome in the comments box, on our Facebook page or in the Yahoo Group.

"Black Arrow" was flown by FSLt. E.Pierce, 3rd Squadron RNAS, April-May 1917. Pierce claimed four Albatros fighters in this plane.

"Julia" was flown by 1st.Lt. J.A. Shaw during anti Gotha duties at the Walmer Defense Flight in June 1917.

This RNAS Pup flown by Fl.Sub.Lt.Bernard Arthur Smart shot the Zeppelin L-23 down on 21st of August 1917. Nice scheme this and a change from the usual drab RFC/RNAS planes...

(pictures from Wings Palette)

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