Friday, 16 September 2011

Plane of the Week: Boulton Paul Defiant

This week's plane is the wonderful Boulton Paul Defiant (nicknamed Daffy) a turret fighter designed as an interceptor but after initial success, notably over Dunkirk, the Defiant was found to be vulnerable to the German Bf 109. The Defiant then switched to night-fighting duties before moving on to use in air-sea rescue, air radar and target tug capacities.

Defiant Mk I, 264 Squadron, July 1940
Defiant NF Mk I, 307 (Polish) Squadron 1941

Defiant ASW Mk I, 276 Air-Sea Rescue Squadron 1942
Defiant TT Mk I, 11th Combat Crew Replacement Centre, 326th Bombardment Squadron, USAAF

 (all pictures above from Wings Palette)

And apologies to purists but I couldn't resist including this:

Super-Defiant of Red Squadron Rebel Alliance
(picture from Clavework Graphics)


  1. Beautiful. I've got the Airfix kit on my shelves ready to be assembled....

    regards WW

  2. Very nice. Any chance of the RAF Vengeance as a plane of the week? I'm reading Field Marshal Slim's 'Defeat into Victory' and he mentions them dive-bombing Japanese positions before an attack and I'd not heard of them before. I would be interested in learning more.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I have never heard of the Cenepa War of 1995 until this post.